Information about Zero Hero Market


Zero Hero Community, Hong Kong

Buy and sell (or give away) your pre-loved things online and save money, save the environment and save the world!

Our mission

We provide an environmentally-friendly pre-loved marketplace concept, that supports a worthwhile charitable cause. With the overall goal to contribute to the HK community, upholding this city's international reputation as caring and green.

Our community-based platform is free to use, but if you choose the online payment option (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), a small processing fee is charged of which 100% of the profit is then donated to our chosen charity. In fact, the creators of Zero Hero self-fund the maintenance of the marketplace platform. So please help us to stay driven and motivated to continue this cause, by using and referring us to your friends and family!

How you contribute

Use our Zero Hero Marketplace and make a difference in 2 ways:

  • Recycling and giving a new lease on life to your pre-loved items to its new home, and save our environment from excessive garbage and landfill. Support the circular economy.
  • As a seller, if you use the online payment option, 100% of the profit from the fees goes to our chosen charity. When you create a listing that allows buyers to make payment online (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), only once it's sold then we charge you a small fee of 6%. A portion of this (3.4%+HK$2.35) goes to our payment platform provider Stripe (sorry we currently can't avoid this), 100% remainder of the fee (based on the $ value of your listing) goes to our chosen charity. If you list using the cash payment option, the transaction is free of charge.

We currently support Redress BELIEVE IN THE POSITIVE POWER OF FASHION. Redress is an environmental NGO working to reduce waste in the fashion industry. You can also directly donate your pre-loved Men's Women's and Children's clothing to Redress, at any of their public donation boxes, or make a cash donation online.

Get in touch if you have other charitable ideas.